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Cardiac and whole-body 128 slice volume multi detector CT Scan

With such a fast scanner, it is possible to "Freeze" the heart. After gating with the ECG, it is possible to scan the heart in 5 seconds and to extract information about the coronary arteries and cardiac function from the dataset.

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Non-surgical and super fast Cardiac CT Angiogram

Instead of the conventional method of inserting a catheter from the abdomen to the heart, a non-ionic dye is injected into the patients which enhances the ability of CT scans to pick up abnormalities. A patient has to hold breath for around 15 seconds to complete the process.

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Nuclear Medicine and Therapy

Nuclear Medicine is a revolutionary new imaging modality, which is concerned with the FUNCTIONAL EVALUATION of the various organ systems of the body. In short, this modality not only helps you see more clearly but enables the visualization of totally new type of information; that of dynamic physiology like capillary level perfusion, receptor status, bile formation, glomerular filtration etc.

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Cardiac check-up packages

Various cardiac health check-up packages that include Cardiology consultation, Hemogram, Urine routine, Biochemical tests, ECG, X-Ray, Echo, TMT and Coronary angiogram.